HOA Management

Havasu Realty provides full-service community and commercial association management for Lake Havasu City neighborhoods and associations.  We have years of association and business management experience, coupled with technological skills and great customer service.

The first thing that sets us apart from most of our competitors is the fact that we are a fully licensed and insured real estate brokerage.  That means you have licensed professionals that carry real insurance and operate of real offices.  There are many advantages to having licensed a REALTOR® running all or part of your association operations.

Whether your association needs help with all aspects of HOA Management, or just a few areas, it requires expertise in numerous disciplines:

  • Finance  (collection of dues, maintenance and expenditure accounting)
  • Operations  (responding to member complaints, enforcement of CCRs and HOA rules)
  • Law  (Association Law, HOA regulation)
  • Public Relations (promoting associations in a positive light)
  • Vendor management (repairs, maintenance and accounting)

The Havasu Realty team of experienced managers brings resources to all phases of association management, including the handling of member complaints, enforcement of community restrictions (CCRs), maintenance of neighborhood assets and financial management.

Successful association management in an ever-changing regulatory landscape requires a progressive approach and a commitment to understanding the needs of the Association as well as the guidelines they must operate under.  Havasu Realty’s diverse staff dedicates the resources and expertise of a full property management team to meet and exceed your community’s needs.  We recognize that every community or commercial property is unique, which requires a customized approach to the successful management of the HOA.

Regardless of whether your community is a homeowners association, town-home association, condominium association or a commercial association,  Havasu Realty has the skills and experience required to serve you at the highest level to meet and exceed your community’s needs. Call now to find out how we can help your association.